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Top 10 Attractions In Dubai ( Best Places In Dubai)



Top 10 Attractions In Dubai ( Best Places In Dubai)


One of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a destination most visited by tourists each year. The city can easily stand on the same scale with European cities thanks to its honorable number of tourists each year. The reason is that the city is developing faster and faster day by day. It is strange though that a city with a history (on behalf of the earliest settlements) of less than 200 hundred years is in the center of tourist attraction. The secret is that everything is done in this area to create luxury, fill the city with everything and make it a popular place to visit.
Initially the Dubai’s development was based on the oil industry. But currently most of the income of the city is from numerous tourists. It is 22nd most expensive city in the world, compared with European cities.
Once in Dubai, you can visit several places that are worth seeing at least once throughout your life. Luxurious hotels, clubs, expensive restaurants, famous boutiques and alike are created to satisfy even the most demanding tourist. It is an ideal place not only for sightseeing, but for shopping and sunbathing as well. However, when visiting the emirate, pay attention to the season. In summer it is extremely hot here. The best months are in late autumn and winter. It is hot then as well, but you can stand it at least.
Once mixing with the crowd, you will feel the life and nature of this Arabic country. Below we suggest you study the top 10 attractions in Dubai, just in case you decide to pay a visit to this fairy tale city.


10. Dubai Museum


Dubai Museum

One of the oldest buildings in Dubai, the museum, built in 1787, is located in the Al Fahidi Fort. The Museum opened to public in 1971. Different antiques, items used by early settlers in early dwellings and many other things commonly used by the people are displayed in the museum.
Once you enter the building, an introductory video can be watched to make you have a clear idea of the history of the city development. The videos are divided into several parts, starting from 1960, the era of oil discovery, each of them presenting a decade, highlighting how much has been done and achieved in the city within such a short period of time.
When you walk down you will come across several “boutiques”, each of them presenting an aspect of life: school, house, shop, a tailor’s shop, textile vendor’s salon and alike.

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9. Mall of the Emirates (Attractions In Dubai)


Mall of the Emirates

As mentioned above, Dubai is an ideal city for shopping; hardly there is anyone, whose initial goal of visiting the city is not shopping a little bit. First of all, there are places here that are rather cheaper than in European countries, however in such famous malls, like the Emirates Mall, you will meet expensive boutiques. This is one of the biggest trade and amusement centers of the city, the second largest one in the Middle East, located in the region of Al Barsha, Dubai. There are many dining venues and entertainment centers here, like Ski Dubai, the Region’s only indoor-ski resort.



8. Dubai Mall

Attractions In Dubai

Dubai Mall

With its world famous enormous aquarium, its numerous luxurious boutiques and cinemas, the Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall based on total area. The mall is the part of Burj Khalifa Complex. Numerous shops, restaurants, cafes and attractions are located here to fill a visitor’s day. You can spend a full day here and yet not manage to see every corner.
The number of visitors each year is several millions. It is mostly visited for its Aquarium and underwater zoo as well. It has earned the Guinness World Record for the world’s “Largest Acrylic Panel”.
Dubai mall Ice rink is another famous attraction within the complex. Over 1,800 pairs of skates are imported from a leading Italian manufacturer to fit children and adults of all ages and sizes.

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7. Dubai Fountain


Dubai Fountain

Even though the Fountain is located in front of the Dubai mall and is considered as part of the complex, a special attention should be paid to it. The Fountain includes numerous high-pressure water jets as well as shooters that give the illusion as if the water is dancing. The shooters in their turn shoot water upwards and under water. The fountain is rich in performances accompanied by music and lights. One can admire the lovely scenery from the buildings nearby. The interval between the shows is 30 minutes. Nevertheless, whenever a rich visitor or a wealthy and influential Arabic family visits the fountain, “exceptions” are made at a fee.



6. Palm Islands

Attractions In Dubai

Palm Island

So many interesting and unusual things have been created in this city, that it is now not strange to hear about an island that has a palm shape. The Palm Islands is an artificial archipelago on which major commercial and residential infrastructures will be constructed. The construction is not completed yet. There are three islands: Palm Jumeirah, the Palm Deira and the Palm Jebel Ali.
The construction was estimated to be completed within 15 years, but taking into consideration the global credit crunch hit Dubai, it may last longer.



5. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

This skyscraper also known as Burj Dubai is the world’s tallest manmade structure measuring 829.84 meters. The tower is designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, the designers of the Sears Tower in Chicago. Burj Khalifa was initially designed for the purpose to act as a multifunctional center hosting almost 30,000 homes, nine hotels, a large spot of about 3 hectares for parkland, 19 residential towers, the famous and adorable by all the tourists Dubai Mall and the man-made Burj Khalifa Lake, that occupies about 12 hectares area.



4. Atlantis Hotel

Atlantis Hotel

The famous hotel resort at Palm Jumeirah opened in 2008. The Palm Jumeirah itself is one of the trilogy including the larger Palms Jebel Ali and Deira, together comprising the Palm Islands, which is still under construction.
The building consists of two towers: East and West, which are connected to each other with a bridge. The total number of the rooms at this hotel is 1539. The five starred hotel is famous for its theme water park as well.



3. Dubai Creek (Attractions In Dubai)

Dubai Creek

The city is divided into two sections by the creek. The sections are Deira and Bur Dubai. In the 20th century, the creek was the only port of the city at that time, so it played an important role in the commercial sphere of the city of Dubai. Although creek that has long been acting as a main harbor, lost its importance with the rapid development of the Jebel Ali Port, other comparatively smaller facilities like Port Saeed still exists thus serving as major means to port trades from the subcontinent.

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2. Gold Souk (Attractions In Dubai)

Located off the shores of the Dubai Creek in Deira, this Arabic-style souk offers a real shopping experience to its visitors. The market consists of about 300 retailers. Mostly they sell jewelry.
Since it is easy to merchandise in Dubai, as it has free trade policies, you can meet different vendors here. People from the nearest countries were encouraged to move here for better life conditions. Many of the stores here belong to Indians and Iranians. The only peculiarity of this Arabic market is the tradition of bargaining. Do not believe the first price the seller tells you. You can keep on lowering it down. Do not be ashamed, it is like a tradition among them.



1. Burj Al Arab (Attractions In Dubai)

Burj Al Arab

Since Dubai is home to luxury, hence Burj Al Arab is a typical example of its richness.
The forth world’s tallest hotel stands on Jumeirah Beach. The hotel was designed by architect Tom Wright of WS Atkins PLC. The construction of the building was of great importance since the latter was to become a symbol of Dubai. Burj Al Arab is a 28 double-story floor building that has 202 bedroom suites, the smallest suite covering an area of 169 square meters.
Even though the hotel is officially ranked as 5-star deluxe, it is known to the world as the only Seven-Star Hotel.
Lots of tourists take pictures in front of the hotel. However a special tour can be organized within the hotel at a certain fee. Or once you order dinner in one of the hotel restaurants you can have access to the hotel. But make sure to have enough money with you, since the prices here are way too high

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