Builders Warehouse: Builders Deals, Customer Care And Delivery.

Builders Warehouse

Builders Warehouse: Builders Deals, Customer Care And Delivery.


Builders warehouse: Builders is a store that deals with Building materials and home improvement. Builders warehouse is known for its best housing Materials , and also known as leaders in home improvement.

Builders is a store that should come to mind when you want to give a finishing touches to your house. Builders warehouse is the best store for building materials and home improvement, considering its track record that has seen it to the peak of the game. Builders is regarded as the leaders in building materials and home improvement with infinite sequence of solution for all your building problem.

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Like I stated above, builders warehouse is the leading store in building materials and home improvement solutions. In the last few years Builders has purchased good numbers of stores for itself within the country, and across the borders of South Africa. All these expansion is done in other to serve its customers well. Currently, it operates 105 stores. Within the nation it runs;
1. Thirty nine Builders warehouse
2. Forty three Builders Trade Depot, and
3. Eleven Builders Superstore.

And it has about five (5) stores in different African countries:
1. In Zambia – A builders warehouse.
2. In Mozambique – two builders warehouse
3. In Botswana – two builders warehouse.

Builders has grown successfully in the last few years. Builders was established in the late 1800s in Pretoria by the Lewis family. As a family business it has been in existence for a while, spanning from father to son, and has been in existence for more than a century.

In 2003, the builders due to its success attracted the attention of Massmart – one of the largest distributors of consumer goods in Africa, this attraction led to signing of a deal, which transferred ownership to the retail group and Massbuild was created.
In the same year, Massbuild made a massive move, by acquiring about 51 stores nationwide.

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In 2012 when Walmart expanded to South Africa, Massbuild (Massmart) with its success story was a good and a solid investment option, and as a stepping stone to its African expansion. A deal was stroked, which saw 51 percent of Massmart ownership transferred to the international retail giant. This deal led to the establishment of a new format builders store in 2013.


under this header, I will detail everything you need to know about builders deliveries, which includes;

  • Delivery Fee: It is important for you to know that, builders charge a delivery fee for every order placed online.
  • Delivery Times: when it comes to deliveries, builders are always working hard to keep to their words. On builders you can choose a preferable delivery date, and they will have it delivered on that day or the following day depending on stock availability.

Builders Delivery Days

Weekdays:  08:00 – 17:00
Saturday:   08:00 – 13:00
No deliveries on Sundays and public holidays.

  • Delivery Areas: Builders delivers to specific locations, for registered Customers. If your location is not among the specified area, then you can opt in for in-store collection.

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You can contact Builders Customer care team on 0860 284 533 or email:


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