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The 10 Most Dangerous Drugs In The World


The 10 Most Dangerous Drugs In The World


In order for a type of drug to qualify in this list, it has to have extremely devastating psychological and physical conditions. This comes from the approval of the lab technicians who have conducted thorough research on the drugs.


10. Bath powder


Bath powder

This drug is a synthetic drug and is popularly known as bath salts in the streets. This name comes about due to the process at which it is manufactured; bath salts refer to a mixture of chemicals. Researchers say that this drug is psychoactive in nature and its effects include paranoid and violent delusions and strong hallucinations.



9. Tobacco



Tobacco is legal and easily found in shops. This kind of drug can be the starting pint of all types of addictions. Tobacco is classified as one of the most dangerous drugs due to its high death toll and the large number of users who are addicted to it. Tobacco is a narcotic drug which causes extreme diseases such as cancer of the throat and lungs. It is the most popular drug.

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8. Ketamine


This drug is also known as special k. It is a powerful hallucinogen. Ketamine was developed as n anaesthesia and comes in injective liquid. However due to its illicit use, ketamine is evaporated to a powedetr. It is an odourless and tasteless drug therefore can be dissolved in beverages to unsuspecting victims. Ketamine in large doses causes amnesia and hallucinations. It can also bring about a feeling of sensory detachment from the body, which is a near death feeling.



7. Street methadone

Street methadone

Street methadone

Street methadone is the kind of methadone that is administered to the person who is not prescribed for it. Methadone is classed to a type of drugs known as opioiods. Methadone works very slowly therefore its effect can last up to 24 hours. Due to its slow action, methadone is easily overdosed which causes one to fall asleep and stop breathing hence death.

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6. Alcohol


Alcohol is a very popular drug. It is also legal and easily available. Alcohol qualifies to be in this list as it is a very major cause of deaths in most countries of the world. Alcohol is highly addictive leading to user dependence on it. The continued overuse of this drug may lead to grave diseases such as liver cirrhosis. Alcoholism is a state where one cannot do without the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol is also responsible for causing an irregular heartbeat to humans apart from stretching the heart muscles.



5. Barbiturates



Barbiturates are also popularly known as reds, blues, yellows or amy’s. Barbiturates were used as sleeping pills whenever one has the difficulty to fall asleep. However the dangers of this drug are numerous. Firstly, there is no estimated dosage that can take somebody to sleep in the shortest time. Therefore an overdose of the drug is easily achievable. The overdose of barbiturates causes ultimate death. It is responsible for difficult and slow thinking as well as poor judgement.



4. Cocaine


Cocaine is a narcotic drug. It is popularly known as coke. This drug can be introduced into the body through smoking, injection or snorting it depending on the form of the drug. Cocaine when used, there is a rush feeling which is followed by alertness and the well being of an individual. This drug is highly addictive and causes drastically elevated blood pressure, heart rate and temperature. Other effects of cocaine include seizures, strokes and cardiac arrest. The stimulant effects of cocaine can lead one to feel anxious and irritable.

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3. Heroin



Heroin belongs to the drug class of opioids. Heroine is responsible for very many deaths of its abusers. The body tolerance to this drug develops very fast therefore leading to equally fast addiction. Heroin is usually a more concentrated form of the opioids therefore making it more risky. It has various side effects such as seizures, knock outs and the brain at times stops functioning leading to ultimate death.



2. LSD



LSD is an abbreviation of lysergic acid diethylamide. This drug is a very dangerous psychoactive drug responsible for very drastic effects in its usage. It is a kind of mood changing drug that is synthetically manufactured from lysergic acid. The usage of this drug results in a trip. This trip is a sort of dangerous hallucination that may last as long as 12 hours. It also causes adverse body deterioration with effects such as a rise in heart rate and body temperature.



1. Scopolamine



Scopolamine is a drug popularly known as the devils breath. This drug has the ability to wipe off someone’s memory as well as eliminating the person’s free will. The effect of this is that it leaves someone hopeless and functioning like a slave, as one obeys every order given. It is odorless and colorless.

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