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Top Ten Best Places to Visit in Ecuador



Ecuador Country located in South American West Coast, has borders with Colombia and Peru. Ecuador comprises of diverse landscapes including highlands, Amazon jungle and Galápagos Islands which are very rich in wildlife. As far as its diversity is concerned it is considered as one of the seventeen megadiverse countries of the world. Ecuador has tourist attractions as it got some of the lush green tropical forests and volcanoes, apart from these natural wonders Ecuador is a land that also offers its tourists historical and cultural attractions. The wildlife is yet another attractive feature of Ecuador. This blog is about top ten best places to visit in Ecuador, covering tourist attractions in ecuador. Hoping readers will find it interesting and informative.


1. Cotopaxi


Ecuador is famous for its volcanoes, Cotopaxi is the second highest peak in the country and is at the height of 5,897m. These are serenic snow capped mountains and is considered as one of the very few equatorial glaciers of the world. Cotopaxi is quite near to the Capital Quito and the beautiful snowy peak is clearly visible in Quinto too.


2. Quilotoa


This beautiful lake is said to have been formed with the eruption of a volcano approximately around 800 years ago. Set quite high in Andes is this beautiful serene lake. The lake is about 250 or more than it deep. With the position of Sun the beauty of lake changes its colors from blue to bluish green and eye catching green waters. This undoubtedly a worth visiting place in Ecuador.


3. Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Island are archipelago volcanic islands in Ecuador in the region of Eastern Pacific region. The Islands are remote and are a home to different species of wildlife including numerous species of birds, giant tortoise, sea lions and marine iguanas. Protection to wildlife is provided by setting strict rules for the tourists.

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4. The Basilica of the National Vow

Visit in Ecuador

The Basilica of the National Vow

This magnificent cathedral in Quito has been a great attraction to the visitors. It is considered as one of the largest neo gothic cathedral that is built in Gothic architecture in the western Hemisphere. The fact is that cathedral is not completed yet and there is a local myth attached to it that the day this cathedral will be finished the world will come to its end.


5. San Francisco Church Quito

Visit in Ecuador

San Francisco Church Quito

Monasterio de San Francisco located in the old district of the capital of Quito, carries several masterpieces including the sculpture of winged Holy Virgin by Legarda. The church building is quite massive containing two blocks and also includes a museum. The church of San Francisco and the old city are is the great tourists’ attraction.

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6. Otavalo Market


Otavalo Market

The small town of Otavalo is famous for the handicrafts, artworks and clothing and there can be no other better place for tourists than Otavalo market. The city is famous in all over the world for its handicrafts by its native people Otavalos. jewelry, wood and stone carvings are offered on sale.



7. Catedral Nueva, Cuenca


Catedral Nueva, Cuenca

Cuenca being the third largest city of Ecuador is famous for its year round temperate climate. The famous tourist attraction in Cuenca is the city’s most remarkable landmark the Cathedral Nueva which was constructed in 1800s. The Cathedral domes are very famous each is covered with imported blue colored glazes.



8. Tena

Visit in Ecuador


Tena is situated at the Amazon rainforest region of Ecuador, it offers tourist a launching point which leads to the jungle adventures. Tena is been rated as one of the best places for whitewater rafting and kayaking by adventure enthusiasts.


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9. Malecon 2000

Visit in Ecuador

Malecon 2000

Malecon is at the heart of the city Guayaquil which is quite famous for its youthful energy. Malecon 2000 is actually a river walk which is quite vibrant and it serves the visitors with world’s finest food, museums, art and atmosphere. Tourists there can enjoy shopping as well as world class food.



10. Nariz Del Diablo


Nariz Del Diablo

Nariz Del Diablo or known as ‘devil’s nose’ outlines a train track between the two towns Alausi to Sibambe. The track got its name due to the reason that it costs lot of human life during its construction. The track offers one of the most stunning views of the countryside.

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