Your Job Interview: Tips and Tricks to Get Hired

Your Job Interview

Your Job Interview: Tips and Tricks to Get Hired


It doesn’t matter how good your CV is, or how qualified you are for the job: Many employers will hire a candidate based on the impression they get from the job interview, even if it’s not the most qualified one on paper. The following job interview tips and tricks will give you that much needed edge in order to get hired.

Research Your Interviewer

Researching the person who is interviewing you is key to establish rapport and ensure you use the right language and focus on the most relevant aspects of your experience. It may even give you a first impression about the role and which of your qualifications are more important. For example, if your job is technical but you are interviewed by somebody on the marketing department you should avoid being too technical, and focus on how you can easily interact with people from other departments. That person will likely more interested in knowing she is hiring a tech that she can work with than about how you can set up a network in 5 minutes.

Research the Company

Among all the job interview tips and tricks this is probably the best known, but also the one most candidates just forget about. You should spend some time researching the company and ensuring that you can give useful feedback during the interview, and show how good a fit you are. There is no quicker way of putting off an interviewer than displaying ignorance about the company or its competitors. It screams “I am here just because I need a job, but I have no interest at all”. With plenty of candidates who are much more interested, you will never get the job if you act like that. Research will also help you ask relevant questions that make you look good and give you valuable information about the company.


If you know you tend to be nervous, practice your interview with a friend or even in front of a web cam. Think about what you would ask somebody if you were interviewing them for that position, and ensure you have the right answers and can deliver them naturally. There’s nothing worse than looking insecure because you don’t know what to say, as it may make the interviewer think you are too shy to be a good match for the job. It is also worth practicing how to get to the place where the interview will take place, check public transport schedules or parking availability, and where the nearest café is located in case you are early.

Be on Time and Looking Good

There are no job interview tips and tricks that can save you if you waste the interviewer’s time by being late, or you look like you never hit home after last night’s party. Body odour or greasy hair is a big no-no, but keep in mind that wearing clothes that aren’t suitable for the position, industry or company dress code can be an equally bad faux-pass that can cost you the job. Do your research beforehand, and if you are going through a recruitment agency ask them about the dress code. And have an early night before an interview, so you can wake up early with plenty of time to look alert and polished.

Your Job Interview: Tips and Tricks to Get Hired

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