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Mp3skulls: How To Download Music From Mp3 Skulls & Similar Sites


Mp3skulls: How To Download Mp3 Skulls Music & Similar Sites

Mp3skulls is probably one of the most popular free music websites in operation. I don’t know how long Mp3skulls has been around but I first found out about it through one of there mobile app’s (they had there website running through both android and iPhone applications at one stage and managed to top the charts).

How To Download Songs From MP3skulls

This is a question asked by Kerryann S on Yahoo Answers. How can I download songs on MP3skulls? Every time that I try I am taken to a new window that previews the song on quicktime.

Folks at haven’t made the downloading process straight forward. Maybe this is an attempt to avoid copyright issues, who knows.

Anyway, the process is actually explained in their right sidebar.

1. Right click the green download link, click on save link as/save target as.

2. Change the file name from download, to What Ever Song You Want To Download.mp3

3. Save format should be MP3 Format Sound or something like that, if it is not, then just save as all files.

And that should sort out your problems.


Mp3skulls iphone app

As far as I know, does not actually have an official iPhone app.

However, you can use the following iPhone App’s to visit mp3 skulls and download music.

Note: visiting the site straight from your phone browser wont allow you to download music.

App’s = Music Free Download Pro & Free Music Download


How To Download MP3skulls Music Onto Your iPhone

You may have tried to visit MP3 Skulls on your iPhone or other mobile device (ipod, ipad etc) and discovered that when ever you click on a song you just get taken to the quick time page.

This is because you need to Save Link As, when downloading.

If you are using an iPhone device however, you will need to get either the Free Music APP or the Music Free Download PRO app and then visit MP3Skulls through those apps.

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How To Use MP3Skulls On Android

Hey guys, In order to use MP3skulls on android phones and android devices such as the tablet etc. What you are going to have to do is download an APP, not an MP3skulls app, but one called the Music Paradise APP and this should allow you to search the MP3 skulls database.

If this app does not work, go to the android marketplace and try this one called the free music download app.

Here is one last free music download app for android –> MP3 Music Download Free.

Either of these android applications should give you full access to what ever MP3 files are on



How To Uninstall (Remove) MP3skulls From Your Ipod Touch

This is a very simple process. If you don’t know how to remove an APP from your ipod touch follow these steps.

Go to the app you want to delete. In this case it will be MP3 Skulls.

Hold down on the APP until it starts to jiggle and shake.

Now there will be a an X in the top left corner that you need to press.

Once you have pressed the X you will be asked if you really want to delete the APP, press yes.

Note: this will not delete the mp3 skulls app from your computer so be sure to do it there as well, unless you want to sync it back to your iPod at a later date.


Sites Like MP3 Skull

Okay so I am guessing you know about the free MP3 download site MP3skulls? Sure you do, it is listed in the top 1000 most trafficked websites by Alexa–has applications for iPhone, Android and Google Chrome as well has having thousands of social website likes.

Yea well, sometimes you may not find exactly what you are looking for on mp3 skulls, I.e. they don’t have the free MP3 Download that you are looking for. Or sometimes their system messes up and you can’t download the music, other times their whole website goes down for unknown reasons.

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In these cases you probably want to know about some more websites like MP3 skulls. So here we are putting together some great alternatives that you can use. We will only be listing actual free mp3download sites here, not P2P file sharing and all that sort of stuff–because it seems as though the free music download scene has come around full swing and people are more fond of website downloads rather than using clients.

Sites Like Mp3skulls

Dilandau is a pretty slick looking website, and is one of the most popular places to download mp3 files for free–second only to perhaps mp3skulls

Beemp3 is a little crusty looking compared to dilandau or mp3skulls, but from what I can tell, it has a massive database of free mp3 songs to download, worth checking out I reckon.

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