Takealot Specials: Takealot Contact, Daily Deals, Delivery & Reviews.


Takealot Specials: Takealot Contact, Daily Deals, Delivery & Reviews., Ever heard of the name? Today, I will on this webpage bring to you every details about Takealot. This will include: About Takealot, Its Customer Care Contacts, Its Charity Programs And lastly, Customers Reviews.

Also be advised that the content of this webpage can be updated in the future. This update can only occur when there is a change from Takealot.

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ABOUT TAKEALOT is one of the biggest names if not the biggest name when it comes e-commerce (online shopping business) in South Africa. And has dominated this position for some years now, with the likes of: Makro, Spree, Pick n Pay, One Day Only, MNR Price, and many others.

Take a lot was officially established in the year 2011. And this was after the US-based firm, Tiger Global management and Kim Reid acquired Take2, an existing e-commerce business in 2010. Today, Takealot stands as the biggest name in the e-commerce industry in South Africa and African continent as a whole. It has branches (warehouses) in mega cities in South Africa, which includes; Johannesburg, Durban and Cape town. And currently, it has expanded to over 21 departments across Fashion, Media, Gaming, Electronics and Lifestyle.

The year 2014 was a year of a mega breakthrough for the company with the announcement of a Hundred million dollar ($100m) investment from Tiger Global. And this was seconded by the purchase of Mr Delivery.

In the same year 2014, purchased, a design & fashion website. And it did not stop here, this was followed by another mega move, which helped to see the company at its peak. This mega move was characterized by the announcement that owned by Naspers would be merging businesses with This merger brought about the building of premier online shopping destination in Africa, and the merge was completed and sealed in 2015 which saw all Kalahari customer accounts transferred to

The year 2018 saw another merger – Spree (among  Naspers Family) merged with Take a lot to make available customers with most recent local and international in fashion.

Currently, is simply the biggest online shopping platform in South Africa. And has thousands of employees working around the clock.


For some years now, Takealot has been the most popular online shopping portal for millions of South Africans. And has been used on a daily basis to order health & beauty products, clothing, appliances, electronics and many more. Just like other shopping company Take a lot provides the platform for one to order any available goods and have it delivered to your doorstep. Take a lot has made buying and selling over the last few years super convenient & easy. One better thing about Take a lot is the new specials, loaded with mouth watering promotions on several products.

Takealot’s excellent customer service & mouth watering weekly and monthly specials has made it one of the most dominating companies in South Africa.

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To get discount each time you make a purchase, you must keep your eyes open by checking back on this webpage regularly. Take alot  is known for its specials, during the festive seasons, especially the Christmas season. During the Christmas period you can save much on clothing, gift and groceries for the entire family. This company is convenient and super fast, and you no longer have to stand in a long queue for hours. Now! You can just access the website at and search your favourite item.

When compared with the likes of others such as: Autozone, Checkers, Mr price, Makro, Spree and Superbalist, Takealot is the most convenient, super fast and reliable, with incomparably low price on variety of goods or products.

Takealot Daily Deals
Take a lot Special offers.



With all written above, you will agree with me that Takealot is the biggest and most popular online shopping portal in South Africa. Having said this, it is now an acceptable facts that Take a lot has made life easier for most of us. This is possible with the resources and technologies been put in place, and by this, buying and selling has been made easier like never before. With its Daily deals, Special offers and Promotional codes (coupon) accessible online.

Great percentage of consumers are happy with service they received from the online shopping giant, and some might want to speak to a customer care (human being) to clarify one issues or the other.

I believe that some of us have been in the hole trying to get the customer care contact numbers, then you will agree with me that it’s well hidden. Trying to find a number on to speak to someone about your delivery or some other issues you might been facing is some how one of the toughest things to do on

It’s true that you can contact them via e-mail or social media, but I wonder how long you are willing to wait to get a respond. Their customer care team is fairly on the ball when it comes to responding.
The question now is…. What will you do when you want to talk to someone quickly about a delivery? Then in this case you need their customer care contact number.

Below are the customer care helpline options available at Takealot:
1. Delivery queries
2. Returns  ✓
3. Payment  ✓
4. All other ✓

The number to contact them with is 087 362 8000 – numbers of options will be made available for you to choose from when you dial the number. I will advise you to give a listening ears in other to select the right option suitable for your query.

When contacting them in regards to an order placed, be sure to have your order number close.

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I have be surfing the net, and I have seen countless of reviews from Take a lot customers who have had a bad or an ugly experience buying from, and these reviews were really touching. And I have decided to leave some links to these review sites here, so that you can go through them and know how to go about buy from the online shopping portal.

Also know that among these reviews were good ones that states how reliable and fast takealot services are.




The Takealot Delivery Team was reproduced from Mr Delivery, which was acquired by the owners of Take a lot.
Takealot took control of Mr Delivery in 2013 as well as the mobile App-based business.
Since then, it has been operating smoothly and currently it has about 55 branches and 2900 derives.

Takealot Delivery Hotline: 087 362 7666

Conclusion: So far, I have been able to give you full details on Takealot Reviews, Take a lot Customer care contact and About Takealot, and I hope with the content of this webpage you can now be able to make right decision when wanting to buy goods online.

Please if there is any part of this webpage that is unclear to you, I suggest you use the comment box, so we can tackle it together.

And if you have by any means had an ugly experience buying from take a, please voice your review by using the comment box, so others can avoid unnecessary mistake.

Takealot Specials: Takealot Contact, Daily Deals, Delivery & Reviews.

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